There are several reasons for a couple not to be able to conceive without having to resort to medical support. The term infertility is applied to couples who fail to have a child after one or two years of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, which does not necessarily imply the impossibility of fertilization in the longer term.
Most types of infertility can be treated with medical procedures or traditional techniques



 Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.
     Period of disturbed periods with unbearable pain
     Chest tightness especially during the night (Feeling of suffocation).
     Feeling generally tired in the morning when waking up with body aches.
     Sometimes a feeling of disgust towards the husband.
     A tightening in the heart from dusk to halfway through.
     A nervousness that occurs regularly
     nightmares: making love while sleeping with someone close to you or someone else taking on her husband's face; often bear children during this same sleep; see blood; see a madman; breastfeed; see large numbers of fish etc.



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